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Dear Members, Donors and Friends,

Within the last month the Torrey Pines State Beach has experienced two rockslides. The photo on your left shows the first one. The most recent one–-about 150 feet wide– happened near Lifeguard Tower 1. We are extremely fortunate that no one was injured. However, these collapses are an important reminder for all of us to maintain a safe distance from the bottom of the cliffs– especially now during the peak of summer when the beach often gets very crowded!

Have a safe 4th of July! Happy Summer!
—Your Torrey Pines Conservancy

A Complicated Puzzle

According to the 2006 tree census the reserve was home to 3,200 Torrey pines. By 2018, 500 had died. At the suggestion of Rick Gulley, TPC President, State Parks Senior Environmental Scientist Darren Smith partnered up with the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance.


Fun at the Nature Discovery Series by Matt Xavier

The Nature Discovery Series held an extremely popular experiential lecture led by Jeff Norland, San Diego’s premier  herpetologist, on Saturday June 18th at the Children’s Pavilion.  Over 100 parents and their children attended over the span of 2 hours to learn about the native snake species of Torrey Pines State Reserve and to be able to handle live specimens except of course the Southern Pacific rattlesnake, including lizards such as the Western Fence lizard and the side blotched lizard.

Matt Xavier
Donna Close

Nature Discovery Series Upcoming Events

All events (except in August) are Saturdays at 3 PM in the outdoor Pavilion (next to the Visitor Center).

July 16 – The Birds of Torrey Pines, by Marty Hales. Come learn about the common birds of our Reserve, including their songs and calls. Suitable for families with children.

August 13 (11 AM to 3 PM) – Special North Beach Event. Come see the California State University Long Beach Shark Lab Shack! Meet behind the restrooms at the north beach parking lot off Carmel Valley Rd. Suitable for families with children.

September 16 – Wildcoast Projects, by Angela Kemsley. She will discuss their current projects in California and Mexico with turtles, mangrove conservation, local native plant restoration and education. Suitable for families with children.

October 15 – Raptors: Birds of Prey, by Dr. Bob Gordon. Learn about our local raptors and meet Huxley the Harris Hawk. Children love his talk and his hawk.

November 19 – Celebrate Native American Month. Ami Admire from the Rincon Youth Storytellers will join us. Learn tales from the Luiseño. Suitable for families with children.

Trail Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to last months’ trail quiz. We hope you had a happy trail day and got to go out hiking.

How many trails are at the main Reserve?

How many miles of hiking trails are at the Main Reserve?

How many trails are at the Extension?

What are the metal trail markers along the Torrey trails for?

To help locate visitors if they need help

Why are the trails closed during and after rains?

To avoid erosion.

What’s the biggest danger to the trails?

All of the above (erosion and overuse).

What was the name of a famous trail that no longer exists?

Fat Man’s Misery