A group of 60 TPA supporters came together on Saturday, April 21 at 5 pm at the Guy Fleming House. Many guests had never been at the house and did not know its location.

Normally closed to the public, the Fleming House—a Pueblo Revival gem hidden behind a bluff and only visible from atop High Point Trail—was built in 1927 by the Reserve’s first “ranger,” Guy Fleming, with help from his father. For many years it was Guy’s and the artist Margaret Eddy Fleming’s family home, and today is occupied by State Park lifeguard Ed Vodrazka and his wife Jennifer, who graciously opened it once again to supporters of the Reserve.

TPA supporters sipped on prosecco and nibbled on treats while listening to the intriguing stories of the Fleming’s house current custodian, Ed Vodrazka. Everybody toured the house and enjoyed meeting the current custodians as well as past inhabitants. Guy Fleming’s granddaughter was among the illustrious guests and shared stories about her summer vacations spent among the pines.