Another large project will be taking place out of the North Lot Torrey Pines SB. The project is under the coordination of SANDAG with CSP and City of Del Mar and known as SANDAG – Del Mar Bluffs & LOSSAN Rail Improvements. You may remember DMB 4 which took place in 2021-22.

The project will occur in the north part of TPSB and in City of Del Mar property. A large staging area/laydown yard for the contractor’s heavy equipment will be established in the north end of the TPSB North Lot (see map). The contractor will access the project along the path from the parking lot to the beach under the High Bridge. The mobilization of the staging area is planned for Monday, March 11.

The project is scoped to last 1 ½ – 2 years. The contractor will do its best to continually maintain public access at the High Bridge.  There is a public information team at SANDAG handling neighborhood mailers and postcards to hand out.  Signs with project and contact information will be put up. Work hours should mostly take place during daylight hours unless emergency work is needed at any time during the project. 

You might remember that the separate Low Bridge Torrey Pines North Beach Access Ramp Repair project is scheduled to start any day now.  Both contractors, The City of SD, and SANDAG are in communication with us, and we are hoping for smooth communication and progress with both projects going at the same time.  It’s going to be a busy spring at the TPSB North Beach parking lot!

by Dylan Hardenbrook
Supervising Ranger
California State Parks