All members and current donors are invited to our next online speaker event on Saturday, December 4 at 9:30 am “Disappearing Birds” with Nigella Hillgarth. Dr. Hillgarth is an environmental advocate and photographer concerned with the impacts of climate change on ocean and coastal ecosystems. She combines her science background with photography to develop shows designed to engage and teach the public about environmental issues, especially climate change. Her work on Greenland ice and sea level rise has been shown in New York, Boston and San Diego. Other work has focused on coastal birds and climate change. In this talk Dr. Hillgarth will focus on the impact of climate change and habitat loss on our bird population. RSVP here.

Past Events:
Local Legends: Movement Biology of the Leopard Shark off La Jolla, Saturday, September 18.
In-Person Reading from Ed Vodrazka’s “Stories from Sea Level,” Friday, October 15 at 6 pm.

Member & Donor Night Hike with Ingo Renner and Ed Vodrazka, Friday, November 19 at 6:30 pm